Raw numeric Non-XBRL

Numbers extracted from non-XBRL sections of 10-K/Q, earnings press-releases and 8-K

class calcbench.raw_numeric_non_XBRL.NonXBRLFact(**kwargs)

Cooresponds to NonXBRLFact on the server

CIK: str

Central Index Key

UOM: str

Examples: USD, PCT, PURE, GBP, EUR. This is specifed when a particular unit of measure appears with a number.

Value: float
XBRLfilingID: int
column_label: str

full column label for that column

companyID: int

Calcbench entityID

document: str
entity_name: str

Company name

extract_tag: str

Calcbench’s attempt to create a unique tag/identifier (like an XBRL tag) for each concept in the filing. This is often useful for comparing data over time for a particular company, but would rarely be useful for comparing data across companies.

fact_id: int

Calcbench database ID for that particular fact

filingID: int
filing_date: datetime

Date the document was filed with the SEC

filing_end_date: datetime

The last day of the fiscal period to which this filing refers

filing_period: Period

Fiscal period to which the filing refers

filing_year: int

Fiscal year to which this filing refers

fiscal_period: Period

Fiscal period to which this fact refers

fiscal_year: int

Fiscal year to which this fact refers

is_guidance: bool

The value is guidance

is_non_gaap: bool

This value is a non-GAAP number

label: str

row label

metric: str
metric_id: int
range_high: bool

is high end of a stated range

range_low: bool

is low end of a stated range (eg: 53% to 62%)

sec_filing_URL: str

The SEC url for this filing

special_fact_type: str
statement_type: StatementType

Standardized statement type

tabular_item: bool
ticker: str
class calcbench.raw_numeric_non_XBRL.StatementType(value, names=None, *, module=None, qualname=None, type=None, start=1, boundary=None)
BalanceSheet = 2
BalanceSheetParenthetical = 12
CashFlow = 3
CashFlowParenthetical = 13
Disclosure = 4
DisclosureParenthetical = 14
IncomeStatement = 1
IncomeStatementParenthetical = 11
StatementOfComprehensiveIncome = 6
StatementOfComprehensiveIncomeParenthetical = 16
StockholdersEquity = 5
docEntityInfo = 0
extensionAnchoring = 19
stockholdersEquityParenthetical = 15
unset = -1
calcbench.raw_numeric_non_XBRL.non_XBRL_numeric(company_identifiers=[], entire_universe=False, clauses=[])

Data frame of non-XBRL numbers.

Data behind https://www.calcbench.com/pressReleaseRaw. A professional Calcbench subscription is required to access this data.

Return type:


>>> clauses = [
>>>    {"parameter": "fiscalYear", "operator": 1, "value": 2019},
>>> ]
>>> d = cb.non_XBRL_numeric(company_identifiers=['MSFT'], clauses=clauses)
calcbench.raw_numeric_non_XBRL.non_XBRL_numeric_raw(company_identifiers, entire_universe=False, clauses=[])

Non-XBRL numbers extracted from a variety of SEC filings, mainly earnings press-releases

The data behind https://www.calcbench.com/nonXBRLRawData.

A professional Calcbench subscription is required to access this data.

Return type:

Generator[NonXBRLFact, None, None]

>>> clauses = [
>>>     {
>>>         "value": single_date.strftime("%Y-%m-%d"),
>>>          "parameter": "filingDate",
>>>         "operator": 1,
>>>     },
>>>     {"value": 2021, "parameter": "calendarYear", "operator": 1},
>>>     {"value": "1Q", "parameter": "calendarPeriod", "operator": 1},
>>> ]
>>> d2 = list(cb.non_XBRL_numeric_raw(entire_universe=True, clauses=clauses))